Floriani Sketch A Stitch

MSRP $399.99
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This program allows you to convert drawings within the software into embroidery stitches. This amazing new software can be used with any Sewing and Embroidery Machine! This software can be used completely independently of all other Floriani software, but will unlock specific tools inside the Floriani Total Control-U if both are installed on the same machine!

Exclusive Features
Creations get turned into stitches instantly as you draw lines in the software
Brushes that turn to stitches as you draw with them:
Tapered Ends Satin
Steil Satin
Run Bean
Shape Satin Border

Standard Features
Multi-page workspace tabs
Open and merge designs
Multiple brand thread palettes
Zoom and Pan
Auto save
Fit design to a hoop size
Export design as an image
Save to standard home embroidery formats

View Features
Apply fabric texture background to design page
3D realistic view of stitches
Design sequence view
Virtual design redraw
Grid lines & guidelines
Image fading on imported images
Apply different background color to design page

Editing Features
Edit density, underlay, and stitch lengths
Optimize entry/exit points
Optimize sewing sequence
Modify start and end points
Modify objects shape
Unlimited redo/undo
Resize and rotate objects
Alignment tools

Recommended System Requirements
Genuine Intel Pentium IV, 2Ghz PC computer (or higher) with a CD-ROM drive
17” or 21” monitor with 1024×768 video resolution with 16-bit color display (or higher)
1 gigabyte of RAM
Microsoft ® Windows® 8 and up operating system
64 bit operating system
Minimum 1 gigabyte hard disk drive space available

Formats Supported Include
Floriani Files (WAF), Baby Lock/ Brother/Bernia (PES), Elna/ Janome/Kenmore (SEW), Elna (EMD), Janome/Elna (JEF), Viking/ Husqvarna (HUS), Pfaff (PCS), Tajima (DST), Singer/Poem (CSD), Singer (XXX), Melco (EXP), Viking D1 (SHV), Viking/Pfaff (VIP), Viking/Pfaff (VP3)