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Cordless SupraLite Lightweight Vacuum


Cordless powerful cleaning for carpet and bare floors plus a HEPA media bag.

Cordless SupraLite Lightweight Vacuum

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With the SupraLite Cordless Vacuum enjoy the power of a regular vacuum without the inconveniences of winding and unwinding a cord tangles and trip hazards or running out of cord just before the job is done. With a 44-volt lithium ion battery the SupraLite cordless runs for up to 50 minutes* without charging and with the press of a button a battery level indicator lets you know when you need to recharge. The SupraLite cordless is durable with a metal handle tube brushroll wheel axles and upright stop. It also uses the self-sealing charcoal-infused HEPA media bag to reduce odors. Little extras add up to a lot with the on/off switch on the DeluxeTouch handle grip a squeegee for spotless bare floor cleaning an ultra-bright LED headlight rubber wheels and a convenient carry handle. Plus the SupraLite cordless is eligible for two tune ups under the [Red Carpet Service Plan]( *Run time may vary based on the floor surface charge level and age of the battery.

Product Features: 

  • Cordless: Easily navigate your living space without a cord to trip you up.
  • Self-sealing HEPA media bag – Meets HEPA filtration standard of 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  • LED Headlight: Easily clean dark corners and under furnishings
  • Metal brushroll with replaceable strips, designed to last many years