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Riccar Simplicity Vibrance Symmetry 20 Series Belt 2pk

Original price was: $7.99.Current price is: $5.99.

This 2-pack of flat belts fits the Riccar Vibrance and 8000 Series uprights.

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Product Information
This belt is the same as B014-0714 and fits the following vacuum cleaners: Vibrance R20 Series models R20E R20S R20D and R20SC models Vibrance VIBD VIBDL VIBC VIBCL VIBCLNT models Vibrance VIBE VIBENT VIBS VIBST models Vibrance patriotic models including VIBUSA.SU 8000 Series models including 8625 8650 8715 8850 8600 8625 8750 All 4000 series R Series vacuums 2150 models
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