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8479 Tall Combo Sewing / Quilting Cabinet


Model 8479 Tall Combo Sewing Cabinet / Quilting Cabinet perfect for quilting and embroidery with large machines.

*Please see cabinet cut out sizes below to see if the machine you have will fit 

This includes carrying the item up stairs or through tight hallways to get to its final destination. Once the item is inside, the delivery professional will assemble it and remove any packing materials.

please provide the Machine Brand & Model number below.

*Please note custom inserts are made and shipped 2-3 weeks after purchase.

None Blue Fabric (17090C61) +$498.00 Burgundy Fabric (17090C66) +$498.00 Beige Fabric (17090C99) +$498.00 Tan Fabric (17090C95) +$498.00 Black Fabric (17090C97) +$498.00 Drafting Stool Black/Beige (13090C99) +$410.00 Drafting Stool Black/Tan (13090C95) +$410.00

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Product Information


Open:     78-3/4” Width  69-5/8” Depth  36-1/2” Height

Closed:  64” Width  27” Depth  36-1/2” Height

Weight: 375 lbs.

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