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We take pride in fixing it right the first time.

Our repair technicians have gone through training certification and have several years of experience. 

We understand that sometimes your project is time sensitive, which is why we work hard to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

Bring in your machine Monday – Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for a free repair estimate. No appointment necessary.

We Service all brands of sewing machines & vacuums



So, what exactly do we do when we service your machine?

Below is a checklist of every part of the machine we check.


Service Manager
Certified Bernina Technician


Certified Bernina Technician


Certified Bernina & Handiquilter Technician

Sewing Machines:

  • Pull off all covers to get to all major components.
  • Remove all lint, dust and old oil.
  • Remove any thread wrapped around the hand wheel and take up lever.
  • Check top tension disks and remove lint build up from low quality threads.
  • Check timing belt/motor belt for belt tightness. Look for any excess wear spots.
  • For older machines: check motor brushes and make sure the motor is turning freely.
  • Check all shafts for any play or wobble.
  • Check wear in all bearings.
  • Check the mechanism that drives the hook in the bobbin case area.
  • Check for any excess play between the hook and hook driver.
  • Tighten any gears that are getting loose or wobbly.
  • Check bobbin winder.
  • Check feed dog height. A slight change in height can affect the way fabric is pulled through the machine.
  • Check feed dog alignment making sure the feed dogs are straight and not rubbing on the stitch plate.
  • Oil every moving part on the machine.
  • Check that the needle is centering in the needle plate both from side to side and from front to back. The slightest bit off in any of the four directions can cause extra needle breakage when sewing extra wide stitches or heavy fabrics.
  • Check needle and hook timing.
  • Check that the presser foot sits straight on the feed dogs and is at the proper height.
  • Time the feed dog movement to the machine needle.
  • Calibrate bobbin case tension.
  • Check and clean bobbin case of any build up of lint.
  • Check foot control’s electronic contacts, cord, cord end and look for any cuts in the cord.

Test Sew Out: Once all areas of the machine has been completely checked, oiled and adjusted, it’s time to see how it sews. The technicians are looking for a smooth running sound, balanced tension, even needle swing, centered needle position, proper feed dog movement, balance of stitches that stitch forward and reverse. We also test sew at full sewing speed. If anything is off, it will be magnified when sewing at full speed. We use high quality thread and also insert a new Universal size 80/12 needle.


Sergers receive extra care as the technicians check looper timing both for the upper and lower loopers, feed dogs, cutting knife and needles. Sergers must have precision clearance or else it will not work.


Embroidery Machines

Embroidery units require special checking of all sensors, belt tension and arm movement. All old oil and lint is removed and re-lubed. When sewing out an embroidery test pattern, they look for precise alignment of outlines and tension.

Vacuum Full Service:

  • Inspect all electrical components.
  • Inspect bag compartment.
  • Inspect brush roll/ brush strips.
  • Insect all housing for cracks.
  • Inspect all filters.
  • Inspect all gaskets.
  • Clean all parts of machine.
  • Grease all bearings.
  • Replace broken parts as needed.

Steam-Vac Full Service:

  • Inspect all electrical components.
  • Inspect water containers.
  • Inspect all housing for cracks.
  • Inspect filters.
  • Inspect all gaskets.
  • Inspect hoses and pumps.
  • Inspect scrubbing brush.
  • Clean all parts of machine.
  • Grease all bearings.
  • Replace broken parts as needed

Vacuum Minor Repairs:

  • Replace or repair broken parts as requested by customer.
  • Wipe outside of machine off.
  • No cleaning or servicing will be done on minor repairs


  • All full Service vacuums come with a 6 month labor and 30 days parts warranty.
  • All steam-vacs come with a 6 month labor and 30 day parts warranty.
  • Minor repairs 30 days parts and labor.

*Thank You for choosing Authorized Vac and Sew, we appreciate your business!

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