Before adjustment with the mtc
the seam is too loose and the loops do not fit snuggly round the edge.

After adjustment with the mtc
the seam is just the right size and fits snuggly round the fabric edge.

The perfect overlock seam in a jiffy

The abbreviation “mtc” stands for “micro thread control”. This fine-tuning allows the amount of looping thread wrapped over the fabric edge to be fine-tuned, avoiding undesirable loose loops and creating a beautifully wrapped fabric edge. Thanks to the mtc fine-tuning, the thread tension only has to be adjusted once, because if there is a subsequent change in the cutting width or thickness of the material, it is sufficient to simply adjust the mtc fine-tuning. This saves you a lot of time because the fine adjustment of the thread usually requires lots of test seams and patience. On models without mtc fine-tuning, the cutting width and one of the two looper tensions has to be changed manually to produce beautiful seams. With the easy-to-use mtc micro thread control, these multiple adjustments are not necessary because the mtc fine-tuning system includes the knife and stitch tongue.