Floriani Lettering Master

MSRP $399.99
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This NEW program GIVES YOU THE POWER to create Any TrueType font you want and then stitch it out on an embroidery machine! Create embroidery designs that contain words and letters as well as your own custom fonts, while also having access to TONS of pre-installed TrueType embroidery fonts!

This software can be used completely independently of all other Floriani software, but will unlock specific tools inside the Floriani Total Control-U if both are installed on the same machine!

Specialty Features
Font Creator
Font Mapping
Export Fonts to be used with FTC-U

Standard Features
Multi-Page Workspace Tabs
Open and Merge Designs
Simulated Slow Redraw
Save to Standard Home Embroidery Formats
Multiple Brand Thread Palettes
Zoom and Pan
Recolor Lettering Segments and Designs

View Features
3D Realistic Stitch View
Display Grid
Display Hoops
Display Fabrics in Background
View Entry, Exit, Commands, and Stitch Points
View the Designs Stitch Sequence

Lettering and Fonts
75+ Standard Fonts
15+ Monogram Fonts
Single-line Lettering
Multi-line Lettering
Circle Lettering
Monogram Lettering
Envelope Lettering
Create Custom Keyboard Fonts
Creation and Editing Features
Font Creator
Font Mapper
Properties Box for Changing Stitch Properties
Horizontally and Vertically Align Objects
Flip Objects Horizontally
Flip Objects Vertically
Rotate Objects Left and Right